We are pleased to announce that Ed Reiskin, Director Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) and our District 8 Supervisor Jeff Sheehy will meet with the neighborhood on May 11. Please help us inform the public by forwarding this message to your email lists, friends and neighbors and by posting the attached flyer for the meeting.

DHCA Community Meeting

Thursday, May 11, 7 pm

St. Aidan’s Church, Upper Level (The Police Academy is not available until June)

101 Gold Mine Drive

Parking is available across the street in the Safeway parking lot.

We have asked Mr. Reiskin to address two issues:

  • The performance of the 52 Excelsior bus and our request to improve its on time reliability.
  • How to protect public safety with new curb cuts on Diamond Heights Blvd. that will not have painted crosswalks. The DHCA Board is concerned that these newly installed curb cuts imply safe crossing of the Blvd. with a heavy traffic flow and with drivers often exceeding the speed limit.

Supervisor Jeff Sheehy will provide neighborhood updates. Dadisi Najib, Information Officer Public Works, will provide the latest information on the timeline and schedule for all the work being done on Diamond Heights Blvd.

Please attend with your questions and concerns.

Hope to see you on May 11.

Betsy for the DHCA

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