Please Vote for District 8 Funding for Diamond Heights and Glen Park Projects!

Please vote for the Diamond Heights and Glen Park projects listed below to help improve our neighborhoods. Information on each project is listed in the voting link and in the additional information below.

Please forward this email to your friends, neighbors and email lists to help spread the word on this important funding opportunity provided by Supervisor Jeff Sheehy and the City. We need your votes!

Please vote for the following. You may vote for up to 10 projects in District 8. Voting ends on May 1st at midnight.

Open Space:
Diamond Heights Safety Wall Lighting
Glen Park Greenway Boundary Survey

Public Safety
Diamond Heights Resilience Improvements

Thank you in advance for voting and spreading the word about this funding opportunity!

Betsy for the DHCA

Message from Supervisor Sheehy’s Office

SAN FRANCISCO—At 12 PST, Wednesday, April 18th, 2018, voting for District 8 Participatory Budgeting Proposals went live. Click here to vote on your favorite Participatory Budgeting Proposals . Participatory Budgeting is a democratic process that gives community members the opportunity to set budgeting priorities and make decisions on which community projects should be funded.

District 8 residents will be able to help decide on how best to spend $250,000 for neighborhood enhancements, beautification, safety, open space and other improvements. All District 8 residents 16 and up can participate in the voting process. Non-U.S. Citizens, regardless of immigration status are also invited to participate in the voting process.

Supervisor Sheehy, is the first District 8 Supervisor to initiate this process in our community. Sheehy said, “I am very proud to initiate District Eight’s first Participatory Budgeting process. We have set aside $250,000.00 in community funding initiatives and I encourage all of you to Vote!”

First and last name, address and birthdate must be provided on the ballot in order to vote.

For further information, contact:

Koledon Lambright
Legislative Aide

Office of Supervisor Jeff Sheehy

(415) 554-6986 | koledon.lambright

Diamond Heights and Glen Park Projects – Please help us fund these projects! Thank you!

Public Safety
Diamond Heights Resilience Improvements
Resilient Diamond Heights has been working for 9 years to develop training and plans for the neighborhood to remain resilient after a disaster. Funding will provide supplies for the NERT staging area, a cooling center for heat wave relief, for a Neighborhood Support Center and for emergency kits for vulnerable people. Training and templates for emergency plans will be developed for the 13 housing complexes that include 550 units of affordable housing focusing on checking on seniors, those that live alone and people with disabilities after a disaster.

Open Space
Diamond Heights Safety Wall: Help bring to life the entrance to our neighborhood! The SF Arts Commission, Public Works and SF Planning have agreed to work together on preserving this important artwork created in 1968 as a gateway to Diamond Heights. With its upcoming renewal and restoration, this sculpture will look beautiful again and we have a chance to make it shine even more. The lighting will not only accentuate the interesting sculptural details it will also help brighten and make safer an otherwise dark strip of sidewalk. It can become a safe beacon at night for pedestrians. We live in a very special neighborhood and we’re fortunate to have a sculpture at its entrance! If the lighting is approved, visitors would always know they are entering Diamond Heights, no matter what the time of day.

Glen Park Greenway Boundary Survey: Help continue improving the walkway from Glen Park Village to Glen Canyon Park. The walkway is fabulous thanks to planting efforts by many volunteers of all ages. Support is needed for this volunteer effort!

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