Reminder: RDH Psychological First Aid Training Oct. 24, 6 pm at St. Aidan’s

Free Psychological First Aid Training

Hi All on Resilient Diamond Heights Email List,
This is a reminder to please join RDH for a free training opportunity provided by Jill Borofka and Tre Allen. Valuable information on how to protect your mental health and that of others after a regional or local disaster will be covered. This training is especially recommended for people who have signed up to volunteer at our Neighborhood Resource Center that may be activated at St. Aidan’s Church in an emergency.

Psychological First Aid (PFA) Training

Thursday, October 24th, Dinner: 6:00, Presentation 6:30 to 8:00 pm
St. Aidan’s Church, 101 Gold Mine Drive in Diamond Heights
Parking: Next door in the Safeway parking lot
Please register by replying to Betsy Eddy at
Hope to see you at the training,
Betsy for DHCA and RDH

Psychological First Aid Training

After an emergency, disaster or traumatic event here in the San Francisco Bay Area, community members, faith-based institutions, local businesses and nonprofit organizations will be called upon to support neighbors and communities that have been affected. Psychological First Aid is an effective approach that can be offered by a wide variety of people in the community (from emergency personnel to neighbors and volunteers, in addition to trained personnel). The primary role of Psychological First Aid is to protect and promote the mental health and psychosocial well being of survivors. Psychological First Aid aims to reduce initial distress, meet current needs, promote flexible coping and encourage adjustment.
At this three-hour training you will learn:

  • Specific, practical skills to increase personal resilience, improve coping, and manage stress.
  • How to increase your confidence and effectiveness in communicating with others in the aftermath of a disaster.·
  • Communication skills that can increase cooperation and help you respond to difficult survivor reactions.·

The training will be given by Jill Borofka and Tre Allen. Jill has a background in cognitive and behavioral psychology and has trained in Psychological First Aid (PFA) with the Red Cross and Johns Hopkins University. Tre was trained in PFA by the San Francisco Dept. of Public Health. Working in the field of emergency preparedness, Tre connects HUBs with trainings and resources for disaster preparedness, mitigation and response.
Are you a community members/leaders, service/business providers, non-profit staff and staff/members of faith-based institutions? Then this training is for you.


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