Wildfire Prevention Hearing Monday, Nov. 4, 1:30 pm at City Hall

Hi Resilient Diamond Heights Workgroup,
Please consider attending this important hearing to let the City know that more fire mitigation is needed in our 5 parks in Diamond Heights in order to prevent a fire started in a park from spreading to homes on a very windy day. Dry brush and dead wood need to be removed from our parks among other mitigations!
The Wildfire and Prevention and Management Hearing is Monday, Nov. 4, City Hall in the Board chambers Room 250. The Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting starts at 1:30 pm. The Wildfire hearing is 3rd on the agenda the last page of which is attached.
Thank you to Supervisors Mandelman, Yee, Stefani, Mar and Fewer for sponsoring the hearing.
Item 3 on agenda:
[Hearing – Wildfire and Prevention and Management]
Sponsors: Yee; Stefani, Mar, Fewer and Mandelman

Hearing on wildfire prevention and management practices on land owned or operated by each department or entity; and requesting the Fire Department, Public Utilities Commission, Recreation and Park Department, Public Works, Port, University of California San Francisco, and Presidio Trust to report.

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