Christopher Park Work to Start and New Plants on Our Median Islands

Construction on Christopher Park to Start this Week
Message from Lauren Chavez, Rec and Park

Greetings to the George Christopher Park Community,

Great News! Construction of the George Christopher Playground renovation will begin during the week of November 4th!

You’ll soon see temporary fencing going up as the first step in the construction mobilization process.

The tennis court will be closed throughout construction, but the ball field will remain open. Field users are advised to enter the park via the pathway behind the Shopping Center post office, near the Opalo Ln. stairs and Gold Mine Dr. The contractor is providing and maintaining accessible temporary restrooms and a handwashing station for field users, which will be open during the regular park restroom hours from 8am to 8pm.

Your commitment, passion, and support shaped the project and brought us to this exciting milestone. Thank you!

Please direct interested neighbors to check the project website, or contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

Lauren Chavez
Project Manager, Capital & Planning Division

(415) 581-2551  |

New Plants on Diamond Heights Blvd. Median Islands

A big thanks to Public Works and Paul Matalucci and Diamond Heights Median Project Volunteers for starting the process to add new plants to our median islands along Diamond Heights Blvd. If you would like to help with planting, please contact Paul Matalucci at More volunteers are needed to work with Public Works and Paul.

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