Organize Block by Block to Identify and Help Those in Need During Our Health Emergency


Feeling frustrated by inactivity and isolation? Want to help those in need on your block or in your building? Here is a low-tech way to help your neighbors in this and future emergencies:

  • Create a neighbor e-mail and phone contact list
  • Use the list to connect volunteers with those in need of essential supplies
  • Identify on the list those who need help obtaining groceries and medications and those willing to provide help within the limits of social distancing and sheltering in place

Read on for how to create a list:
One or two people with neighbor email addresses and/or phone numbers can reach out to others on the block or in the building to create the list.  Phone numbers may be of equal or greater value for older people and those not tech savvy. Building such a list is more difficult while sheltering in place but any list is of value even if incomplete. When sheltering in place is lifted, the holes in the list can be addressed to use for future emergencies.

The Farnum Street block, with about 50 homes, has an email list developed as part of its Neighborhood Watch group. Just after the San Francisco shelter-in-place order, the list was used to find volunteers willing to help neighbors with shopping or errands. Three people volunteered right away. A week ago, at the request of the Farnum Neighbors list, street residents met standing by their doorsteps while carefully maintaining social distancing for a fun and serious time to connect and exchange news.

If you already have a block or building email/phone list, please reply to this message so that RDH can keep track of streets and neighborhood areas connected by email/phone. Thank you!

Watch for future announcements about resources for the current crisis and RDH Workgroup trainings that may be provided by Zoom or another app.

The primary goal of creating a neighbor list is to find help for all in need. We urge you to figure out what might work on your street or in your building.

Stay safe and well,

Resilient Diamond Heights Steering Committee
Resilient Diamond Heights – like us on Facebook
Diamond Heights Community Association

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