More Volunteer Block Captains Needed for Neighborhood Assistance Program
Resilient Diamond Heights (RDH) has introduced the “Neighbor Assistance Program” to help match people who are willing to check in on the wellbeing of neighbors with people needing help. This is especially important for people who are more vulnerable because of disabilities or advanced age who live alone. To ensure safety and privacy, we are asking that each “Block Coordinator” work only with a small geography of a single city block or a single building or floor of an apartment or condo. The assistance provided may be just a simple wellbeing call. RDH is hoping that email/phone lists developed now will also serve to connect people quickly in future emergencies.

If you want details on becoming a Block Coordinator, please contact Betsy Eddy at

Here are two links you might find helpful to stay up to date:
Resilient Diamond Heights Facebook page:

Diamond Heights Resource List (updated as needed):  

Stay safe and well,
The Resilient Diamond Heights Steering Committee

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