Local Children’s Activity Website and Miraloma Kinder Small Groups

Look What I Did Website: http://www.LookWhatIDid.org
 Beverly Patterson and her son, created a website to “Have fun exploring ways to make, play, solve, move & more, and be a part of a community project. We’re all about artistic expression & creative problem-solving.”The program also connects with children who do not have computers in a location in Bernal Heights. If interested in contributing items to the website, donating art supplies and games or volunteering with the program, select “ Contact Us at the website.

Message from Diamond Heights Resident Cassidie Clayton:
Dragon Eggs
Miraloma Kinder Small Groups for Shared Care: Proposal to Gather Interest

Date: July 23, 2020


Given the safety concerns for students and teachers, for SFUSD in-person learning is unlikely to start until later this fall or winter. Parents may be looking for opportunities to have children to meet safelywith a few of their classmates each day, and for the parents/caregivers to be able to share the responsibilityfor child care during school (and work) time. The groups would also allow for children to complete the SFUSD curriculum together performing activities together, allowing for collaboration and group learning. 


To help parents and caregivers of all Miraloma Kinder students organize appropriately matched pods to safely look after our children until the school fully reopens. We hope to both ease the responsibilities of education and child care on parents and caregivers and to allow for social interactions.  


1.       Family safety: We will take appropriate precautions by developing policies: e.g. taking temperature each day; no attendance if anyone in the household is sick; mandatory masks for adults; encouraged masks for children; drop-off without entry. 

2.       Alignment with SFUSD:Our pods will strive to, as much as possible, work with the teachers, principal and PTA to enhance rather than disrupt school plans. 

3.  Inclusion & Transparency: We will endeavor to be inclusive to all families by using connections between families to ensure all who want to, have the opportunity to sign up. We will strive for open communication, transparency in decision making, share policies, and contact information through google groups, google docs and shared folders. 

4.       Convenience & Flexibility: We hope to make this convenient for families, by, for example, taking into consideration parent schedules, siblings who may also have schooling or caregiving needs, preparation of meals, organization by neighborhoods. As one of our goals. We also recognize that we will need to be flexible as SIP guidelines change, SFUSD’s program changes, families’ needs change and if the composition of a pod is struggling to meet the goals.  


●       Ongoing: Outreach to as many Kinder parents as we can.

●        Mon 27 – Fri 31: Agree to overarching priorities applicable to all pods (inclusion, safety, alignment with SFUSD, convenience); Begin work of alignment with principal/teachers

●        Aug 3 – Aug 14: As permitting by class lists, match children into appropriate pods, identify pod organizers. As permitted by SIP, and in accordance with SIP guidelines, organize social activities for pod families. 

Please Reply

Using this form: https://forms.gle/2w8RJKLBrRv1PGoZ9. We will not use information gathered except for the purposes of this activity. Please request access to the underlying spreadsheet.

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