Capt. Woon Message Re. SFPD Action in Diamond Heights

Ingleside Capt. Chris Woon Message on SFPD Follow-Up in Diamond Heights and Glen Park on Recent Crimes

Here is a message from Capt. Woon responding to a request for information about gunfire on Aug. 11, the robbery of the Bank of American on Aug 10 and other incidents. Please see the DHCA Announcement on Aug. 12 for more details of these incidents.

Capt. Woon’s message on Aug. 14:

The updated information appears to be that there were multiple locations of where the shots fired occurred as you listed.  As of this moment, besides property damage, no one was reportedly injured.  Our investigators are following up with the leads and video surveillance to work the case.  As the follow up investigation evolves, the officers will seek information to determine if it is random, gang related, specifically targeted, etc.  However, at this point of the investigation, it is too soon to determine.  As a reminder, please encourage the residents in the area to review their cameras to see if they may have captured any valuable information to aid in the case.

In addition, extra patrols have been already directed to the area.  Officers are well aware of the issue and are doing their best to increase their presence in the area as they become available.  Please assist us by encouraging the community to be our extra eyes, be a good witnesses by obtaining a good description, take video evidence, if possible, and to call the police accordingly so that we can investigate.

Regarding the incident on Chenery St, the subject reportedly vandalized a person’s car by deflating the tires and breaking the windshield.  In reference to the incident on Farnum St, the  subject allegedly threw a brick at the windshield of a fire truck, shattering it.  Officers arrived at the scene on both circumstances, arrested the subjects for vandalism, and they were subsequently booked into San Francisco County Jail.

For any community questions, please feel free to share my contact information so that I can communicate to your respective associations and members.  I will also continue to update you of the notable issues in your areas.  

Thank you,

Captain Christopher Woon #1852

Commanding Officer

Ingleside Station

San Francisco Police Department 

1 Sergeant John V. Young Lane

San Francisco, CA  94112

Office: 415-404-4040


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