List of Topics for Comments for the Environmental Review by the SF Planning Dept. Due Tuesday, Feb. 2.

David L Young, SF Planning, provided the following list of topics for comments on the proposed development at Diamond Heights Blvd. and Diamond Street. Please send comments about the environmental impact of the proposed development  by Feb. 2 to David is a Planner with the SF Planning Dept.

Please see my previous message from earlier today for more information.

Since it is hard to visualize the site for the proposed development, the photos depict the location as it is now on Diamond Heights Blvd and Diamond St. and the photos of the proposed development on both streets.

Topics for Environmental Review

  • Biological Resources
  • Geology/Soils
  • Hydrology/Water Quality
  • Noise
  • Recreation
  • Utilities / Service Systems
  • Agriculture / Forestry
  • Resources
  • Cultural Resources
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Land Use / Planning
  • Population / Housing
  • Transportation
  • Wildfire
  • Air Quality
  • Energy
  • Hazards and Hazardous
  • Materials
  • Mineral Resources
  • Public Services
  • Tribal Cultural Resources

Betsy for the DHCA 

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