DHCA Announcement: Stairway Signs Posted in Diamond Heights

Diamond Heights Stairway Street Signs Installed

The DHCA congratulates Patrick Carroll, Board Member, for working with the SFMTA and Supervisor Mandelman’s office for this terrific effort for our neighborhood!

Story by Patrick Carroll:
When the planners designed Diamond Heights back in the 1950s and 1960s, they went for a suburban feel, with winding, curvilinear streets and plenty of parking. They also included stairways to connect hill dwellers with shopping and parks. The stairways received names; some, like the streets they connected were named after semi-precious stones. Others, in the time-honored San Francisco tradition received women’s names. But only a few received street signs. Some of the names appeared only on maps. Until now.

Signs have gone up on Colleen Lane, Onique Lane, Coralino Lane and Opalo Lane. The driving force to place the street signs was Patrick Carroll of the Diamond Heights Community Association with the able assistance of Supervisor Rafael Mandelman’s office and the SFMTA. Patrick observed that a person could pass right by an unmarked stairway and not even notice it was there. A frequent stairway user, he hopes that bringing greater visibility to the stairways will increase their use and promote walkability in one of San Francisco’s hillier neighborhoods. Thanks to all who made this possible!

Pictured in the photo are Supervisor Mandelman, Patrick Carroll, Betsy Eddy and 2 SFMTA staff members who helped make the sign installation possible.

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