Join Resilient Diamond Heights for Discussion of COVID and Fireworks

 Wednesday, June 2, 7 pm via Zoom

 For the Zoom link and more information, please contact Betsy Eddy, by emailing Please forward to neighbors and friends who may be interested. Thank you!

COVID Overview presented by Greg Carey
Resilient Diamond Heights (RDH) has kept a close watch on the measures affecting the COVID-19 pandemic since it started 14 months ago. San Francisco was the first large city to respond with measures to protect the residents, and as a result had the lowest numbers of cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities of any large US city. We will take 30 minutes to both review the local successes and look at the national and international situation as they stand at the end of May. Please join our free on-line program to bring your family and friends up to date.
Fireworks: Getting ready for a loud and potentially dangerous July 4th 
We will have a discussion of what can be done to avoid a repeat of too many fireworks in the neighborhood this year. On July 4, 2020, fireworks caused 108 fires from 3:00 pm on July 4 to 3:00 am on July 5 in San Francisco. Many professional grade fireworks were set off in Walter Haas Park, many spraying sparks on nearby roofs and yards. See photo of fireworks that were ignited in the park. Our discussion will include where to call to report fireworks, tips for pets scared by fireworks and an overview of July 4th last year. Please join us to share your comments and concerns.

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