DHCA Announcement: Volunteer for Median Project Workday July 10!

Diamond Heights Blvd. Median Project Volunteer Workday Saturday, July 10, 9-12 noon
Please join us to improve the appearance of our median islands along Diamond Heights Blvd. Helping maintain our medians is important because Public Works has indicated they do not have the staff to maintain the area. Public Works is watering the plants and trees until it fixes a broken City water pipe that provides water to the drip irrigation system installed by the Median Project. 
The medians are in good shape from Addison St. to Duncan St. for several reasons:

  • 12 volunteers including the ones pictured above filled 36 leaf bags with weeds on one median on June 5. One of the volunteers weed whacked much of the tall grass.
  • Anonymous neighborhood residents donated funds to weed the median islands in front of the Shopping Center from Gold Mine Dr. to Duncan St. The Median Project is very thankful for this generous donation. The weeded medians made a huge difference in the appearance of our neighborhood.
  • A volunteer weeds the median from Addison St. to Diamond St. and cares for all the geraniums and jade plants on the hillside. Another volunteer turns on the drip irrigation system not affected by the broken City water pipe for this median once per week.

Volunteer Workday Details
Date: Saturday, July 10
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon – helping us even one hour would be terrific!
Location: Meet in front of St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church on Diamond Heights Blvd. at Gold Mine Dr.
Work: Pull weeds on the median islands 
Recommended for 12 years and older
No gardening experience required:  Kneeling pads, gloves and safety vests will be provided. You may wish to wear masks to avoid breathing in dust and bring your own gloves and weeding tools.

In the future, we may be able to offer lunch for volunteers when St. Aidan’s will be open to groups. On July 10, bathrooms will be available for volunteers in the upper level of the church. Water will be provided.
Please let me know if you plan to attend.
Please reply if you have questions about the Diamond Heights Blvd. Median Project.

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July!
Betsy Eddy
Acting Coordinator

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