DHCA/RDH Announcement: Reporting Fireworks and Tips for People and Pets

Have a Safe July Fourth
Last July 4th, 108 fires caused by fireworks were reported in San Francisco in a 12-hour period. Fireworks caused a fire in a backyard in Diamond Heights early on June 27 of this week. Fortunately flames did not reach homes. It seems many people do not realized that all types of fireworks even sparklers are illegal to possess and use in San Francisco. Every year fireworks scare and injure people. People with dementia, people with PTSD including many of our Veterans and pets are impacted adversely by fireworks.

Safety Tips for People and Pets 
The attached flyers provide information on alternatives to setting off fireworks, dangers of fireworks including sparklers and tips for keeping your pets safe.

Reporting Fireworks: A Message from Capt. Nicole Jones, Ingleside Station Captain 
“Please report illegal fireworks only if you see the person lighting them, can describe them, and can give an exact location or address.  If the circumstances observed meet this threshold, please call 311 and provide the aforementioned information. 
In regards to reporting noise from fireworks, please know that SFPD is aware of the noise generated by fireworks and how that impacts many in our communities.  SFPD will be out in the field mitigating these complaints.  If you feel it is necessary to call, complaints about noise should also be directed to 311. 
During the holidays when fireworks are prevalent, namely the Fourth of July, SFPD receives a high volume of fireworks-related calls requiring our Dispatch to triage based on the severity of the call.  Therefore, SFPD may not be able to respond to every firework-related call unless fires or injuries are involved.  In these latter instances of fire and/or injury, please immediately call 911. 
 As always, please keep 911 available for people with police, fire, or medical emergencies.” 

Have a safe and fun July Fourth! Resilient Diamond Heights

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