DHCA Announcement: District 8 Webinar on Driverless Cars and Impact to Businesses Jan. 15, 11 – 12 noon

Cruise + Six D8 Community Leaders discuss how innovation from Cruise will shape the future of small business,
Wednesday, December 15, 11 am – 12 Noon 

Bob Pullum, DHCA Co-President, will represent Diamond Heights in this Webinar. See below for registration.

Join Cruise and six community leaders from San Francisco District 8, for a compelling, in-depth discussion about the challenges being faced by small business in the city right now, and how new technology being developed by Cruise will transform the landscape and offer those businesses new opportunities to better connect with their customers.

The California DMV has approved Cruise’s Driverless Testing Permit. After years of careful testing, thoughtful development, and robust validation, Cruise is now taking the natural next step and slowly beginning fully driverless testing with zero emission vehicles in San Francisco.

In this 8th in a series of citywide webinars, Moderator Vas Kiniris, the Director of Business Development at NEXTSF, will be joined by Chhavi Sahni, Public Affairs Manager at Cruise, and the six District 8 leaders.

San Francisco District 8 is comprised of Glen Park, Diamond Heights, Noe Valley, Mission Dolores, and the Castro.

Bob Pullum, DHCA Co-President will represent Diamond Heights.

Message from Vas Kiniris
Hello friends and colleagues, 

Happy holidays!  Please join me and @next_sf as we explore District 8 in San Francisco! 

Listen to community leaders as they share their observations on their neighborhoods, and provide some insight into the future of retail and their commercial corridors! 
This is our last forum of the year and it’s sure to be engaging and informative! 

Where To, San Francisco?-D8 Forum
Wednesday, December 15, 2021 / 11am – 12pm

San Francisco District 8 is comprised of Glen Park, Diamond Heights, Noe Valley, Mission Dolores, and the Castro. 


Andrea Aiello
Executive Director, Castro CBD 

Zoel Fages
Member at large

Michelle O’Connor

Ryen Motzek

Haley Adams
Co-Vice President

Bob Pullum
Diamond Heights Community Association


Vas Kiniris
Business Development Director 

SFPD Chief Scott’s Small Business 
Advisory Forum

(Cell) 510-333-0401


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