Compromise Reached with Developer on 5367 Diamond Heights Blvd. / 1900 Diamond – see details below

SF Planning Commission Virtual Hearing, February 3, 1 pm
The San Francisco Planning Commission will vote on the proposal on Thursday, February 3 at its virtual meeting that starts at 1:00 pm. To submit comments pro and con, please contact, 628-652-7380 or by cutting and pasting these addresses. For information on the agenda and on how to access the meeting, go to one week before February 3. Please see the attached Notice of Public Hearing at the end of this message.Message Posted on 1900 Diamond For All Website:

We would like to inform you that as a leadership group we have been working with The Emerald Fund, the developer of 1900 Diamond, on a compromise proposal which addresses many of the neighborhood concerns. We have done so at the urging of our Supervisor Rafael Mandelman who has indicated he needs to remain neutral. The City Attorney has not been willing to take a position on the use of the land and the Planning Dept. has chosen to take a narrow interpretation of the CEQA review. 

Although some may be disappointed, there has been a considerable investment in time and money in this effort. After 1.5 years pushing for a better outcome; addressing environmental, neighborhood and legal concerns at a cost of +$100k in legal, architects and expert fees, significant changes have been made by the Emerald Fund to the project which benefit the neighborhood (see for this message)

  • Monterey Cypress Trees: 10 of the 16 cherished Monterey Cypress street trees have been saved. In addition we are working with the developer and its arborist on a tree protection plan before, during and after construction. Also the homeowners association of 1900 Diamond, will be responsible for maintaining the health of these trees.
  • Public Viewing Platform: creation of viewing platform with 180 degree views north from the City skyline, East Mt. Diablo and South along the bay.
  • Public Staircase Connecting Neighborhood: creation of a public walkway from Diamond St up the hillside to Diamond Heights Blvd connecting the Upper Noe and Diamond Heights neighborhoods. As you walk down the stairs you will see views of the City and Bay.
  • Blends Into Neighborhood Context: Improved aesthetics fit into the neighborhood context blending the buildings into the hillside. The buildings have been set back to allow for existing and new trees and vegetation. The design and use of natural looking wood like materials reduce the visual impact on the street. 
  • Increased Traffic Safety / Street Parking: The number of driveways has been reduced by almost half, from 15 to 8. This increases street parking and reduces the number of vehicles entering/ egressing on Diamond St. A bulb out and mid-block crosswalk is planned for the Diamond and Beacon St intersection, and a bulb out is planned for DH Blvd., just north of the bus stop.  In addition the developer has agreed to work with us on additional potential traffic mitigation efforts. 
  • Affordable Housing: Although there will not be affordable units on the site, some of the units have been reduced in size and will be lower priced. The Emerald Fund will be paying $2.8 MM into the City affordable housing fund, which is expected to lead directly to the creation of approximately 11 affordable homes, and the Cesar Chavez Foundation has stated it is its intent to build affordable housing in California.
  • Vista Del Monte Affordable Housing Residents: We have worked with the Emerald Fund to ensure that proper care is taken to protect the more vulnerable residents. The Emerald Fund will request that the Cesar Chavez Foundation conduct a pre-building inspection to make sure buildings are structurally safe and can handle the construction. 
  • Construction Monitoring Noise, Air etc.: Emerald Fund will have a 24 hour line for neighbors to call about concerns. Emerald Fund will provide vibration, noise, air quality and dust monitoring devices at the Vista Del Monte buildings and the adjacent senior apartment buildings during construction.

Due to these significant changes the former 1900DiamondforAll leadership will no longer oppose the development nor help with opposition efforts. 

We feel this is a very good outcome especially given the political environment in our city and state. Thank you all for your support – without you we would not have achieved the significant changes to make 1900 Diamond a more compelling project for the neighborhood.


1900DiamondForAll Leadership

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