Reconvening Our RDH Workgroup in Person and Virtually March 26!

Resilient Diamond Heights Workgroup Meeting

Saturday, March 26, 4-6 pm, St. Aidan’s Church
The Public is Invited 

Message from Greg Carey
We have missed the chance for Resilient Diamond Heights members to meet each other in person for the past two years. The COVID numbers are finally looking good, allowing in-person meetings to return. Unless something unexpected happens on the COVID front, we plan to return to our meetings on March 26 from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. As always, we will meet at the Saint Aidan’s Church. It will be good to spend time socializing and returning to getting ready to help our neighbors in the case of an earthquake or other event.

We thought we would get back to our conversation about safety by looking at how the church can serve as a Neighborhood Support Center during a major emergency or a Heat Center during heat events. Then we will talk about the topics you would like us to cover or review in future meetings.

Please reply to this message to let Betsy know whether you can attend.

Message from Betsy
In addition to meeting in person, we will have a Zoom link available for the meeting. When you let us know that you plan to attend, please indicate if you would like to attend via Zoom and I will email the link.

St. Aidan’s at this date requires N95 masks, social distancing and has not yet decided when to allow meals or refreshments. If you do not have an N95 mask, one will be provided.

Looking forward to resuming RDH meetings!

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