Receive Funding for a Block Party on Your Street!

Virtual Meeting with Supervisor Rafael Mandelman 
How to create and receive funding for a Block Party this year

Wednesday, May 11, 7 pm – Register Below

Supervisor Rafael Mandelman will host a virtual meeting on May 11 at 7 pm for residents of District 8 who may be interested in creating Block Parties that will also include a resiliency component. The Resilient Diamond Heights Steering Committee decided to use funding from the Supervisor’s office to fund Block Parties in Diamond Heights. Up to $2,100 in funding would be available for each party. Much of the work setting up the party would be provided by Livable City. The organization will take care of obtaining permits, street barriers, insurance, etc.

A Block Party allows for local residents to meet, receive information on existing emergency response plans at the neighborhood level, and consider establishing block – oriented responses such as the Block Champion Program. However, there is no set agenda or message attached to the Block Party, and local residents can organize the party as they wish.

The Resilient Diamond Heights Steering Committee encourages residents to register for the meeting in order to find out more about this Block Party opportunity.

If you would like to apply for funding for a Block Party in Diamond Heights, please reply to this message or email

To attend Supervisor Mandelman’s virtual meeting on May 11 at 7 pm, please visit the Eventbrite link below.

Message from Jackie Thornhill, Legislative Aide, Office of Supervisor Rafael Mandelman: Join Your Fellow D8 Civic Leaders for a Briefing on New Public Safety Program on 5.11 @ 7pm with Sup. Mandelman

Good afternoon D8 community leaders,

One of District 8’s greatest qualities is its eclectic collection of neighborhoods that fall within its boundaries. While each is unique, the Supervisor is, like you, committed to making them all safer and more connected places to live.

In keeping with this commitment, our office is excited to announce the launch of a new program called D8 Neighborfest which combines the fun of a block party with classic public safety goals. Powered by the City’s Neighborhood Empowerment Network (NEN) and Livable City, Neighborfest D8 offers residents the most feature rich block party program to date.

From zero street closure permitting fees to barricades delivered to the host’s door, D8 Neighborfest makes it easier than ever before to build community at the block level. We hope you’ll join other District 8 civic leaders to learn more about this program and how to get your neighbors involved by attending an online briefing at 7pm next Wednesday, May 11th.


Jackie Thornhill (she/her/hers)
Legislative Aide
Office of Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, District 8 |(415) 554-4488

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