Capt. Woon Message Re. SFPD Action in Diamond Heights

Ingleside Capt. Chris Woon Message on SFPD Follow-Up in Diamond Heights and Glen Park on Recent Crimes

Here is a message from Capt. Woon responding to a request for information about gunfire on Aug. 11, the robbery of the Bank of American on Aug 10 and other incidents. Please see the DHCA Announcement on Aug. 12 for more details of these incidents.

Capt. Woon’s message on Aug. 14:

The updated information appears to be that there were multiple locations of where the shots fired occurred as you listed.  As of this moment, besides property damage, no one was reportedly injured.  Our investigators are following up with the leads and video surveillance to work the case.  As the follow up investigation evolves, the officers will seek information to determine if it is random, gang related, specifically targeted, etc.  However, at this point of the investigation, it is too soon to determine.  As a reminder, please encourage the residents in the area to review their cameras to see if they may have captured any valuable information to aid in the case.

In addition, extra patrols have been already directed to the area.  Officers are well aware of the issue and are doing their best to increase their presence in the area as they become available.  Please assist us by encouraging the community to be our extra eyes, be a good witnesses by obtaining a good description, take video evidence, if possible, and to call the police accordingly so that we can investigate.

Regarding the incident on Chenery St, the subject reportedly vandalized a person’s car by deflating the tires and breaking the windshield.  In reference to the incident on Farnum St, the  subject allegedly threw a brick at the windshield of a fire truck, shattering it.  Officers arrived at the scene on both circumstances, arrested the subjects for vandalism, and they were subsequently booked into San Francisco County Jail.

For any community questions, please feel free to share my contact information so that I can communicate to your respective associations and members.  I will also continue to update you of the notable issues in your areas.  

Thank you,

Captain Christopher Woon #1852

Commanding Officer

Ingleside Station

San Francisco Police Department 

1 Sergeant John V. Young Lane

San Francisco, CA  94112

Office: 415-404-4040


Sock Donations Requested by Urban Angels

Urban Angels Requests Donations of Socks for Homeless

This is an opportunity to help people without homes in San Francisco by dropping off socks at the Urban Angels office in the Diamond Heights Shopping Center. New Socks or clean socks in very good condition are requested by Nelson Barry, the founder of Urban Angels. Socks may be dropped off at his law office in the Shopping Center. 

Thank you to Nelson and his volunteers for providing many services including clothes and meals for unhoused people in San Francisco.

Please see How Can You Help in this flyer.

DHCA/RDH Announcement

Virtual “Pet Preparedness” Training Tuesday, June 2, 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Learn how to keep our animal companions safe in emergencies. Topics such as pre emergency preparedness and pet training, what to do in an emergency, and pet first aid will be covered. The training will be conducted by David Muñoz Ventura, Community Youth Center Seismic Safety Outreach Program.

The training is open to all. If you want to zoom in, please reply to the message. Betsy will email the Zoom link to you a couple of days before June 2 for the training from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. If you are new to Zoom, reply to Betsy for some instructions.

Please forward this message to friends, neighbors and email groups. Please do not post on social median for security reasons. Thank you!


Resilient Diamond Heights “How to Recover after a Disaster” Virtual Training, Wednesday, May 13, 6:30  – 7:30 pm
Getting back to our normal lives after a disaster is a trying task. David Muñoz Ventura, Seismic Safety Outreach Program, will train you on the steps you should take in order to recover after times of stress.

The training is open to all. If you want to zoom in, please reply to Betsy Eddy at Betsy will email the Zoom link to you a few days before Wednesday, May 13 for the training from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. If you are new to Zoom, email Betsy for some tips.

Please forward this message to friends, neighbors and email groups. Please do not post on social median for security reasons.

This training in the third in a series offering participants something different than discussions of COVID-19. Updates on the coronavirus in San Francisco and what Resilient Diamond Heights is doing to build connections in our neighborhood to assist residents will be discussed.


Resilient Diamond Heights “What to Do in a Disaster” Virtual Training, Thursday, April 30, 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Our Resilient Diamond Heights (RDH) Workgroup misses meeting and sharing a meal together. Our RDH Steering Committee decided to continue trainings via Zoom. We plan to provide our regular schedule of trainings that offers something different than our COVID-19 crisis.

The training is open to all. If you want to zoom in, please email Betsy Eddy at Betsy will email the Zoom link to you a few days before Thursday, April 30 for the training from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. If you have not used Zoom, let Betsy know and she will email Zoom instructions to you. It is as easy as clicking on the Zoom link.

The What to Do in a Disaster training will be conducted by David Muñoz Ventura, Community Youth Center. CYC is an organization committed to preparing communities for emergencies. CYC’s Seismic Safety Outreach Program wants to ensure that you are prepared for times of stress. The training will explain what to do when you are experiencing various emergencies such as fires, earthquakes, chemical spills and more. Learn in advance how to protect yourself when disaster strikes.

Diamond Heights Resource List (updated as needed):  

Resilient Diamond Heights Steering Committee
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Diamond Heights Community Association


This is a reminder to our Resilient Diamond Heights Workgroup and an invitation to people on the DHCA email list to join us for the Pre-Disaster Preparedness Training. RDH decided to try a session by Zoom to determine the interest in online trainings until our shelter in place order is over.
Stay safe and well,
Resilient Diamond Heights Steering Committee
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Pre-Disaster Preparedness Training 
Hosted by Resilient Diamond Heights Via Zoom
Thursday, April 16, 6:30 – 7:30 pm. 
Click the following link to join this training:

Topic: Pre-Disaster Personal Preparedness
Time: Apr 16, 2020 06:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 525 167 903
Password: 082543

Joining the session is as easy as clicking the link. If you are new to Zoom, clicking the link will prompt you to download Zoom. More information is available at

Please do not promote this training on social media such as and Facebook for security reasons. You may forward this announcement to trusted friends, residents in your building complex, to members of your community organization or to your block email lists. RDH welcomes new people to our trainings and meetings even those conducted via the computer.

David Muñoz Ventura, Community Youth Center (CYC), an organization committed to preparing communities for emergencies, will conduct the training. CYC’s Seismic Safety Outreach Program wants to ensure that you are prepared for times of stress. As we now know, sheltering in place is pivotal for our safety. In our first course we will prepare you to Shelter In Place by teaching you about essential materials that need to be gathered and setting up contingency plans for future stressors.

The training will focus on the topic Pre-Disaster Preparedness. If you have questions about our COVID-19 crisis, please see our RDH Resource list compiled by Jill Borofka that is updated weekly. Click this link:


More Volunteer Block Captains Needed for Neighborhood Assistance Program
Resilient Diamond Heights (RDH) has introduced the “Neighbor Assistance Program” to help match people who are willing to check in on the wellbeing of neighbors with people needing help. This is especially important for people who are more vulnerable because of disabilities or advanced age who live alone. To ensure safety and privacy, we are asking that each “Block Coordinator” work only with a small geography of a single city block or a single building or floor of an apartment or condo. The assistance provided may be just a simple wellbeing call. RDH is hoping that email/phone lists developed now will also serve to connect people quickly in future emergencies.

If you want details on becoming a Block Coordinator, please contact Betsy Eddy at

Here are two links you might find helpful to stay up to date:
Resilient Diamond Heights Facebook page:

Diamond Heights Resource List (updated as needed):  

Stay safe and well,
The Resilient Diamond Heights Steering Committee

Reminder: RDH Psychological First Aid Training Oct. 24, 6 pm at St. Aidan’s

Free Psychological First Aid Training

Hi All on Resilient Diamond Heights Email List,
This is a reminder to please join RDH for a free training opportunity provided by Jill Borofka and Tre Allen. Valuable information on how to protect your mental health and that of others after a regional or local disaster will be covered. This training is especially recommended for people who have signed up to volunteer at our Neighborhood Resource Center that may be activated at St. Aidan’s Church in an emergency.

Psychological First Aid (PFA) Training

Thursday, October 24th, Dinner: 6:00, Presentation 6:30 to 8:00 pm
St. Aidan’s Church, 101 Gold Mine Drive in Diamond Heights
Parking: Next door in the Safeway parking lot
Please register by replying to Betsy Eddy at
Hope to see you at the training,
Betsy for DHCA and RDH

Psychological First Aid Training

After an emergency, disaster or traumatic event here in the San Francisco Bay Area, community members, faith-based institutions, local businesses and nonprofit organizations will be called upon to support neighbors and communities that have been affected. Psychological First Aid is an effective approach that can be offered by a wide variety of people in the community (from emergency personnel to neighbors and volunteers, in addition to trained personnel). The primary role of Psychological First Aid is to protect and promote the mental health and psychosocial well being of survivors. Psychological First Aid aims to reduce initial distress, meet current needs, promote flexible coping and encourage adjustment.
At this three-hour training you will learn:

  • Specific, practical skills to increase personal resilience, improve coping, and manage stress.
  • How to increase your confidence and effectiveness in communicating with others in the aftermath of a disaster.·
  • Communication skills that can increase cooperation and help you respond to difficult survivor reactions.·

The training will be given by Jill Borofka and Tre Allen. Jill has a background in cognitive and behavioral psychology and has trained in Psychological First Aid (PFA) with the Red Cross and Johns Hopkins University. Tre was trained in PFA by the San Francisco Dept. of Public Health. Working in the field of emergency preparedness, Tre connects HUBs with trainings and resources for disaster preparedness, mitigation and response.
Are you a community members/leaders, service/business providers, non-profit staff and staff/members of faith-based institutions? Then this training is for you.


Diamond Heights Blvd. Paving Project, July 30 – August 1 on DH Blvd. between Duncan and Clipper


San Francisco Public Works will be performing the remediation of the failing pavement area on Diamond Heights Blvd. between Duncan St. and Clipper St. This work is urgent as the pavement has failed and needs to be repaired immediately.


We will be reconstructing a portion of the three lanes on the Diamond Heights Blvd. between Clipper Street and Duncan Street. At least one traffic lane will be provided at all times and no detours will be required. Parking will not be affected.


Monday, July 30 through Wednesday, August 1, 2018

7am to 4pm

· Monday – reconstruct the two northern lanes

· Tuesday – reconstruct the remaining lane nearest the median.

· Wednesday – pave with 2” asphalt.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Grace L. Moore

Public Affairs Officer

Office of Communications & Public Affairs

San Francisco Public Works

City and County of San Francisco

30 Van Ness Avenue, 5th Fl

San Francisco, CA 94102

Ph (415) 558-5282 Fx (415) 522-7723 ·

Walter Haas Dog Play Area will be closed July 27 and August 3

Due to issues with the new model of drinking fountain, the Dog Play Area at Walter Haas will have to be closed for two additional days to properly install it. It will be closed Friday, 7/27 and Friday, 8/3. While it will be open from 7/28-8/2, there will be no working drinking fountain. The Dog Play Area will reopen completely, with no future anticipated closures, on Saturday, August 4th”.

See flyer below for more details.