DHCA Accomplishments 2017

The DHCA advocated for the following improvements to our neighborhood in 2015.  We are grateful to Supervisor Scott Wiener for his support to make funding available for the listed projects. In addition, we thank Mohammed Nuru, Director of the Dept. of Public Works and the staff of the DPW, SFMTA, and SFPUC for their approvals.

New Sidewalks Completed

  • West side of Topaz Way from 44 Topaz Way to existing sidewalk. Completed Dec. 2015.
  • 257 to 281 Gold Mine Drive east side. Completed Dec. 2015.
  • Northwest side of DH Blvd from Diamond Street up to Diamond Ridge Condominiums. Completed April 2015.
  • Concrete sidewalks on Beacon Street replaced asphalt sidewalks between Billy Goat Hill and Walter Haas Park and a new sidewalk was constructed up the west side of the street to the existing sidewalk. Almost completed as of 1-12-16.

New Sidewalks Approved for Construction in 2016-2017 in Conjunction with Repaving DH Blvd.

  • North side of DH Blvd from 5143 DH Blvd to the bus stop near Clipper Street.
  • DH Blvd from Berkeley Way down Elk on west side of street bordering Glen Park Canyon.
  • DH Blvd at Berkeley Way uphill along west side of DH Blvd to existing sidewalk.
  • North side of Gold Mine Drive up hill from DH Blvd at Addison St.

Crosswalk Approved by SFMTA

  • Crosswalk approved mid-block of the 5200 block of DH Blvd connecting residents to the Diamond Heights Shopping Center.

SFPUC will replace segments of water pipes along Diamond Heights Blvd.

  • Pipes will be replaced from Clipper St. to Duncan St. and from Addison St. to Berkeley Way

Disabled Curb Cuts Approved

  • Southeast and southwest corners of DH Blvd at Addison St.

Projects Supported by the DHCA in 2015

  • The Diamond Heights Blvd. Median Project:  DHCA Board members Jeanette Oliver and Betsy Eddy served on the Steering Committee with Paul Matalucci, Project Lead. In 2015, median islands from Addison St. to Diamond St. received new plants. The median islands on the 5200 and 5300 blocks of Diamond Heights Blvd were cleared of debris and old shrubs so that new low growing, drought tolerant plants can be planted in 2016.
  • Renovations to George Christopher Playground: The 2012 Park Bond provided $2.8 M for renovations to the playground area. The Recreation and Park Department conducted community meetings to input receive on playground designs attended by representatives of the DHCA.  Construction is scheduled in 2017 with completion in Dec. 2018.
  • Friends of Christopher Park:  The DHCA supported the creation of this group initiated by the Alice Stroud, Parent, and Susan Edwards, Former Director, Noe Valley Nursery School.
  • Resilient Diamond Heights: The DHCA Board supported the Building a Stronger Future in Diamond Heights Workshop on Oct. 8th and the Diamond Heights Holiday Party on Dec. 12, 2015.


We are a neighborhood organization organized in the 1960’s when the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency created the model community of Diamond Heights.  The Agency mandated that planning in the neighborhood be coordinated with the neighborhood organization.  The DHCA is incorporated as a Section 501 (c) 4.

The DHCA exists for the betterment of the community.  We work to resolve issues of interest to the neighborhood.  A past major success was our advocacy to keep the San Francisco Police Academy in Diamond Heights when Mayor Brown planned to move it to Treasure Island.

We have a long list of issues that we are working to resolve.  We are thankful that Supervisor Scott Wiener partners with us to work on many of these issues.

Neighborhood Safety and advocating for ongoing San Francisco Police Department presence on our streets.  Capt. Joseph McFadden, Ingleside Station, another important partner, provides crime updates and crime prevention tips for the community.

Traffic and Pedestrian Safety particularly for the entrances into the Diamond Heights Shopping Center.  We are advocating for a Traffic Calming Study for DH Blvd. from Clipper Street to St. Nicholas Church.

Structural Safety of the water pipes. In 2011 our neighborhood had the highest number of broken pipe incidents in the entire City.  We have advocated for the Public Utilities Commission to test and replace existing water mains.

Support for improvements in George Christopher Park and Glen Park Canyon The DHCA advocated for the 2012 Parks Bond which allocated $2.8 m to replace the unsafe play structures at Christopher Playground. The SF Recreation and Park Dept. convened community meetings requesting input on the playground design in 2015 and 2016. Due to DHCA advocacy, the RPD awarded additional funds to resurface the pathways 3/4 of the way around the baseball diamond. The work continues to find $1.4 M in funding for additional pathway resurfacing, a second bathroom in the Rec Center and new benches to replace old and unsafe benches.

Preservation of single family dwellings that is consistent in size and current values with other housing in the neighborhood.

Support for Resilient Diamond Heights, a Workgroup which has created the website with tips for emergency preparedness for homes and businesses and is working with community partners to create a neighborhood disaster response plan.

The Diamond Heights Litter Campaign was initiated by the DHCA in 2016 in order to create pride in the appearance of our neighborhood.

Support for The Little Red Hen Community Garden which has enhanced our neighborhood with attractive plots in a beautiful garden area.

Present at minimum two Community Wide Meetings per year in the spring and fall to provide speakers that can speak on means to resolve neighborhood needs.

If you have issues of interest or would like to post an announcement, please contact the DHCA at our email address:

Thank you for being part of our diverse, vibrant community.

Betsy Eddy, President, Diamond Heights Community Association

Board Members: Patrick Carroll (Treasurer)Bob Dockendorff, Annette Lewis, Dave Marin, Jeanette Oliver  Betty Peskin, Lee Ann Prifti Annie Shynebaugh and Mike Kramer (Vice-President)