Volunteers Needed to build Habitat for Humanity Homes in Diamond Heights!

Habitat for Humanity Greater SF needs volunteers to help build 8 affordable homes in Diamond Heights starting mid-March! This Friday, February 11, shifts will be available on their volunteer calendar and will be updated weekly. Minimum age is 16 and no experience necessary! For additional information, please contact volunteer@habitatgsf.org or sign up for a volunteer info session!

Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco builds homes and sustains affordable homeownership opportunities for families in Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties. Our values focus on building partnerships, equity, stability, and legacy.

DHCA Announcement: Please Join Us for Median Project Workday Feb. 12, 9 AM

Diamond Heights Blvd. Median Project
Workday, February 12, 9-12 noon

The Canary Island pines on the Blvd. have been trimmed thanks to Paul Matalucci and Tom Osborne who volunteered on the medians during their recent vacation from their apple farm in Oregon. Paul created the Diamond Heights Blvd. Median Project in 2014 in order to improve the appearance of our neighborhood. Thank you to all who help to continue Paul’s vision for lovely stretches along the medians.

We are delighted to announce that Nature in the City staff and interns have started caring for plants on the medians funded by a City Community Challenge Grant. Their workdays and funding are limited so that we still need lots of volunteer involvement.Please join us for even an hour or two!
Date: Saturday, February 12
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon 
Location: Meet at St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church on DH Blvd. at Gold Mine Dr.
Work: Pull weeds and pick up trash on the median islands 
Recommended for 12 years and older
No gardening experience required  
Supplies: Kneeling pads, gloves, safety vests, weeding tools and bottled water will be provided. You may wish to wear masks to reduce the risk to COVID variants and to avoid breathing in dust. You may also want to bring your own gloves, weeding tools and trash pickers.
Bathrooms will be available in the upper level of the church. 

Please reply if you plan to attend. Please reply if you have questions about the Diamond Heights Blvd. Median Project.Thank you to all the volunteers who have worked hard to improve the appearance of our median islands along Diamond Heights Blvd.!Betsy Eddy
Acting Coordinator

Virtual Redistricting District 8 Town Hall, Feb 9, 5:30 pm

Do you want Diamond Heights to remain in District 8?Let Your Voice be Heard!

  • Submit comments by emailing rdtf@sfgov.org
  • Sign up for the email list to receive updates issued by the Redistricting Task Force at  https://sfelections.org/rdtf  
  • Follow the Redistricting Task Force on Facebook and Twitter: @RedistrictSF 
  • To view map proposals and other communication related to redistricting, visit https://sfelections.org/rdtf  

DHCA Announcement: San Francisco Redistricting Task Force – Happening Now!

San Francisco Redistricting…It’s a Happening Thing!

Patrick Carroll, Diamond Heights Community Association Board member, represents our neighborhood association Board by attending San Francisco Redistricting Task Force meetings. So far our Board position is to retain Diamond Heights’ boundaries as currently included in District 8. Splitting the neighborhood or moving to another district will not be supported or endorsed by the DHCA.

Patrick Carroll plans a series of updates on the San Francisco Redistricting Task Force since this is an important issue for our neighborhood.

Patrick’s Summary of the Importance of the Redistricting Task Force Work: 

Compromise Reached with Developer on 5367 Diamond Heights Blvd. / 1900 Diamond – see details below

SF Planning Commission Virtual Hearing, February 3, 1 pm
The San Francisco Planning Commission will vote on the proposal on Thursday, February 3 at its virtual meeting that starts at 1:00 pm. To submit comments pro and con, please contact Gabriela.Pantoja@sfgov.org, 628-652-7380 or commission.secretary@sfplaning.org by cutting and pasting these addresses. For information on the agenda and on how to access the meeting, go to https://sfplanning.org/hearings one week before February 3. Please see the attached Notice of Public Hearing at the end of this message.Message Posted on 1900 Diamond For All Website:

We would like to inform you that as a leadership group we have been working with The Emerald Fund, the developer of 1900 Diamond, on a compromise proposal which addresses many of the neighborhood concerns. We have done so at the urging of our Supervisor Rafael Mandelman who has indicated he needs to remain neutral. The City Attorney has not been willing to take a position on the use of the land and the Planning Dept. has chosen to take a narrow interpretation of the CEQA review. 

Although some may be disappointed, there has been a considerable investment in time and money in this effort. After 1.5 years pushing for a better outcome; addressing environmental, neighborhood and legal concerns at a cost of +$100k in legal, architects and expert fees, significant changes have been made by the Emerald Fund to the project which benefit the neighborhood (see http://www.1900diamondforall.com for this message)

  • Monterey Cypress Trees: 10 of the 16 cherished Monterey Cypress street trees have been saved. In addition we are working with the developer and its arborist on a tree protection plan before, during and after construction. Also the homeowners association of 1900 Diamond, will be responsible for maintaining the health of these trees.
  • Public Viewing Platform: creation of viewing platform with 180 degree views north from the City skyline, East Mt. Diablo and South along the bay.
  • Public Staircase Connecting Neighborhood: creation of a public walkway from Diamond St up the hillside to Diamond Heights Blvd connecting the Upper Noe and Diamond Heights neighborhoods. As you walk down the stairs you will see views of the City and Bay.
  • Blends Into Neighborhood Context: Improved aesthetics fit into the neighborhood context blending the buildings into the hillside. The buildings have been set back to allow for existing and new trees and vegetation. The design and use of natural looking wood like materials reduce the visual impact on the street. 
  • Increased Traffic Safety / Street Parking: The number of driveways has been reduced by almost half, from 15 to 8. This increases street parking and reduces the number of vehicles entering/ egressing on Diamond St. A bulb out and mid-block crosswalk is planned for the Diamond and Beacon St intersection, and a bulb out is planned for DH Blvd., just north of the bus stop.  In addition the developer has agreed to work with us on additional potential traffic mitigation efforts. 
  • Affordable Housing: Although there will not be affordable units on the site, some of the units have been reduced in size and will be lower priced. The Emerald Fund will be paying $2.8 MM into the City affordable housing fund, which is expected to lead directly to the creation of approximately 11 affordable homes, and the Cesar Chavez Foundation has stated it is its intent to build affordable housing in California.
  • Vista Del Monte Affordable Housing Residents: We have worked with the Emerald Fund to ensure that proper care is taken to protect the more vulnerable residents. The Emerald Fund will request that the Cesar Chavez Foundation conduct a pre-building inspection to make sure buildings are structurally safe and can handle the construction. 
  • Construction Monitoring Noise, Air etc.: Emerald Fund will have a 24 hour line for neighbors to call about concerns. Emerald Fund will provide vibration, noise, air quality and dust monitoring devices at the Vista Del Monte buildings and the adjacent senior apartment buildings during construction.

Due to these significant changes the former 1900DiamondforAll leadership will no longer oppose the development nor help with opposition efforts. 

We feel this is a very good outcome especially given the political environment in our city and state. Thank you all for your support – without you we would not have achieved the significant changes to make 1900 Diamond a more compelling project for the neighborhood.


1900DiamondForAll Leadership

Canceled: Diamond Heights Blvd. Median Project Workday January 8, 9-12 noon

It seems best to cancel our workday on January 8 out of caution to protect volunteers from the spread of COVID. 

We hope the COVID situation will improve so that we may have a workday on Saturday, Feb. 12, 9:00 am to 12 noon. We plan to meet every second Saturday of the month when weather and other conditions permit a safe workday.

Stay safe and well,

Betsy for the Diamond Heights Blvd. Median Project

Event Canceled

Diamond Heights Blvd. Median Project
Workday January 8, 9-12 noon

Please join us for even an hour or two!

Happy New Year! Let’s start out 2022 by improving the appearance of our Diamond Heights median islands.

Thank you to all the volunteers who have worked hard to improve the appearance of our median islands along Diamond Heights Blvd.!

Betsy Eddy
Acting Coordinator

DHCA Announcement: Candidates Forum, Jan. 13, 7:15 pm for District 17 State Assembly

Assembly District 17 Virtual Candidates Forum
January 13th, 7:15 pm

Meet the candidates vying to replace David Chiu to represent State Assembly District 17 on Thursday, January 13, 2022, at a virtual meeting hosted by the Glen Park Association, Upper Noe Neighbors and the Diamond Heights Community Association

The Special Election for Assembly District 17 is scheduled for February 15th, 2022.
At 7:15 p.m. on January 13th, you’ll meet:David Campos, chief of staff for District Attorney Chesa Boudin, former SF District Supervisor (D9)Matt Haney, SF District Supervisor (D6), former SF School Board CommissionerBilal Mahmood, neuroscientist, policy analyst in the Obama administrationThea Selby, City College trustee, former City College board president
Questions sent in advance to any of the hosting organizations will be prioritized:

Register for the January 2022 meeting here
 Thank you to the Glen Park Association for providing the link to register for the Candidates Forum on Jan. 13th.

For more more information on the special election on February 15th, go to sfgov.org/elections

Happy Holidays!

DHCA Announcement: District 8 Webinar on Driverless Cars and Impact to Businesses Jan. 15, 11 – 12 noon

Cruise + Six D8 Community Leaders discuss how innovation from Cruise will shape the future of small business,
Wednesday, December 15, 11 am – 12 Noon 

Bob Pullum, DHCA Co-President, will represent Diamond Heights in this Webinar. See below for registration.

Join Cruise and six community leaders from San Francisco District 8, for a compelling, in-depth discussion about the challenges being faced by small business in the city right now, and how new technology being developed by Cruise will transform the landscape and offer those businesses new opportunities to better connect with their customers.

The California DMV has approved Cruise’s Driverless Testing Permit. After years of careful testing, thoughtful development, and robust validation, Cruise is now taking the natural next step and slowly beginning fully driverless testing with zero emission vehicles in San Francisco.

In this 8th in a series of citywide webinars, Moderator Vas Kiniris, the Director of Business Development at NEXTSF, will be joined by Chhavi Sahni, Public Affairs Manager at Cruise, and the six District 8 leaders.

San Francisco District 8 is comprised of Glen Park, Diamond Heights, Noe Valley, Mission Dolores, and the Castro.

Bob Pullum, DHCA Co-President will represent Diamond Heights.

Message from Vas Kiniris
Hello friends and colleagues, 

Happy holidays!  Please join me and @next_sf as we explore District 8 in San Francisco! 

Listen to community leaders as they share their observations on their neighborhoods, and provide some insight into the future of retail and their commercial corridors! 
This is our last forum of the year and it’s sure to be engaging and informative! 

Where To, San Francisco?-D8 Forum
Wednesday, December 15, 2021 / 11am – 12pm

San Francisco District 8 is comprised of Glen Park, Diamond Heights, Noe Valley, Mission Dolores, and the Castro. 


Andrea Aiello
Executive Director, Castro CBD 

Zoel Fages
Member at large

Michelle O’Connor

Ryen Motzek

Haley Adams
Co-Vice President

Bob Pullum
Diamond Heights Community Association


Vas Kiniris
Business Development Director 

SFPD Chief Scott’s Small Business 
Advisory Forum

(Cell) 510-333-0401


DHCA Announcement: Join Us – Median Project Workday, Dec. 11, 9 – 12 noon

Diamond Heights Blvd. Median Project Workday Dec. 11th, 9-12 noon
Please join us for even an hour or two!

Thank you to all the volunteers who have worked hard to improve the appearance of our median islands along Diamond Heights Blvd.!

Betsy Eddy
Acting Coordinator