Resilient Diamond Heights Meeting Feb. 27: Emergency Supplies Needed for Your Home or Business


For those new to our Resilient Diamond Heights (RDH) email list, RDH has provided resources, trainings and plans for preparing Diamond Heights for all types of emergency situations. Residents from other neighborhoods are welcome to attend our meetings.

Please join us for our next meeting Feb. 27th with dinner at 6 pm and Emergency Supplies Presentation By Greg Carey, 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Please reply to Betsy Eddy at so that we have plenty of food for dinner.

Betsy for the Diamond Heights Community Association and Resilient Diamond Heights.

Have you wondered how to start preparing your household for an emergency? Do you know the difference between a “Go Bag” and a “Shelter Kit”? What about additional needs to help your neighbors?

In this month’s Resilient Diamond Heights (RDH) Workgroup Meeting on Feb. 27th, we will look at examples of these various levels of preparedness. Not only will we peak inside home supplies, but also look at examples of what a NERT volunteer may want to have ready as well as some of the more sophisticated equipment RDH has been accumulating to provide neighborhood support in the case of an earthquake, major fire, or extended power or water outage. Come prepared with questions and be sure to invite your neighbors who might not know about the work we’ve done for over 12 years to prepare for disaster.

Also remember to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on being better prepared for the unexpected:

Resilient Diamond Heights Workgroup Meeting
Thursday, February 27th, Dinner: 6:00, Presentation 6:30 to 8:00 pm
St. Aidan’s Church, Upper Level, 101 Gold Mine Drive
Parking: Next door in the Safeway parking lot 

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