DHCA Virtual Community Meeting on Proposed Development at Diamond Heights and Diamond Street, Thursday, March 4, 7:00 pm

The DHCA would like to provide an opportunity to learn about the proposed development at Diamond Heights Blvd. and Diamond named by the developer “1900 Diamond”. There is a need for information since some people have assumed that the location is City open space, others that the proposal would provide affordable housing and some cannot visualize the location because it seems too difficult to build on the steep hillside.
The property is owned by Vista Del Monte Affordable Housing sponsored by the Cesar Chavez Foundation. 4 single-family homes and 20 duplexes are planned to sell for a potential $3.5M to $5M. No affordable housing is planned. The proposal would block the entire view of downtown San Francisco to down the Bay from Diamond Heights Blvd. and remove 27 mature Monterrey Cyprus trees.
There are many opinions about the proposal. Some think that providing more housing is beneficial. Others think that the loss of the trees and the view does not benefit Diamond Heights.
Marc Babsin, a representative from the developer, Emerald Fund, and the architect for “1900 Diamond” will join us to answer questions.
The public is invited. Please post the attached flyer and please send this notice to your email lists, friends and neighbors. Thank you!

For more information, please join the DHCA on Thursday, March 4th, 7:00 pm on Zoom. 
Reply to this message to receive the Zoom link for the meeting.
Photos of the current site and of the proposed development are attached in the flyer and separately. 

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