DHCA Announcement: Resilient Diamond Heights Workday April 9

Diamond Heights Blvd. Median Project Workday
Saturday, April 9, 9-12 noon

Joining for even an hour or two will make a difference!

Please consider volunteering to maintain the plants and trees installed by the Diamond Heights Blvd. Median Project! 

It is a pleasure to announce that a community volunteer has stepped up to weed and install plants on Diamond Heights Blvd. on the median from Addison/Goldmine down. Sections of the median were hard packed dirt with weeds now replaced with new plantings and mulch.
Please see the photo below.

Join us!

Date: Saturday, April 9
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon 
Location: Meet at St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church on DH Blvd. at Gold Mine Dr.
Work: Pull weeds and pick up trash on the median islands 
Recommended for 12 years and older
No gardening experience required  
Supplies: Kneeling pads, gloves, safety vests, weeding tools and bottled water will be provided. You may wish to wear masks to reduce the risk to COVID variants and to avoid breathing in dust. You may also want to bring your own gloves, weeding tools and trash pickers.
Bathrooms will be available in the upper level of the church. 

Please reply if you plan to attend. Please reply if you have questions about the Diamond Heights Blvd. Median Project.

Thank you to all the volunteers who have worked hard to improve the appearance of our median islands along Diamond Heights Blvd.!

Betsy Eddy

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